Summer of Pies World Pizza Tour

Gourmet Pizzas from Renowned Pizzaiolos

Rock the toppings and roll the dough! CIA at Copia is celebrating the world’s favorite combination of cheese, dough, sauce, and toppings with special pizzas from award-winning chefs.

Each week throughout the summer in Napa Valley and into the fall, alongside our normal menus, we’ll feature gourmet pizzas at The Grove Restaurant that showcase the art of pizza-making.

On weekends, special guest pizzaiolos will prepare their own signature pizza pies. Dine indoors or have a pizza party on The Grove terrace beneath the olive trees.


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June–August Lineup: Regional Italian

Every two weeks, we’ll feature a different regional Italian pie—from Napoletana to Roman Taglio, Siciliana and Tonda Romana to Padellino and Pinsa. Then, for one week only, we’ll offer a tasting menu of all six regional Italian pizzas!


NOTE: Images are examples only…Your pizza may vary!

Photo of a Siciliana style pizza with pepperoni, onions, anchovies, and black olives.

July 3–14: Siciliana
Photo of a Tonda Romana style pizza with fresh basil.

July 17–28: Tonda Romana
Photo of a Padellino style pizza cooked in a pan.

July 31–August 11: Padellino
Photo of a Pinsa Roma style pizza with arugula and cherry tomatoes.

August 14–25: Pinsa Roma
August 28–September 1: Pizza Tasting Menu

Guest Chefs

Photo of Guest Chef Spencer Glenn

July 12–13: Chef Spencer Glenn
Photo of Guest Chef Laura Meyer making pizza.

July 26–27: Chef Laura Meyer
Photo of Guest Chef Leah Scurto flipping pizza dough.

August 2–3: Chef Leah Scurto
Additional Chefs
August 9–10: Chef Lars Smith September 13–14: Chef Vince Sbarro September 20–21: Chef Marcus Medina October 18–19: Chef Frank Pinello ’06


September–November Lineup: Regional American

Napa summer is endless. Our extended World Pizza Tour continues into the U.S. We’ll show off American pizza styles: New York, Chicago Deep Dish, Detroit Tavern, and New Haven (a CIA favorite!), then we bring it all home with California Neapolitan pizza style.


Photo of a New York City style pizza.

September 4–15: New York
Cutting a slice of Chicago Deep Dish style pizza.

September 18–29: Chicago Deep Dish
Photo of a Detroit Tavern style pizza with pepperoni cooked in a pan.

October 2–13: Detroit Tavern
Photo of a New Haven style pizza with tomato sauce.

October 16–27: New Haven
Photo of a California style pizza.

October 30–November 3: California Neapolitan


Special pizza Pinsa Roma in Napa Valley
Napoletena Pizza in Napa
Chicago Deep Dish pizza in Napa
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