Copia Garden Tour with CIA Farmer Jon

Interested in learning more about gardening and food seasonality? Get to the root of it on our new Garden tour series! Learn all about our organically farmed garden directly from our culinary gardener, Jon Brzycki.

Did you know that our garden provides seasonal produce to the kitchens at Copia? Not only for our restaurant, but also for our public classes.

Discover how our edible garden grows from seed to harvest, the importance of seasonality, consequences of nature, and much more!

After the tour enjoy a curated bite featuring the star of the day—our garden produce.

Meet Farmer Jon

Jon Brzycki began his professional career in culinary arts, studying the fundamentals of French classical cuisine at a Hilton Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ as an apprentice with the American Culinary Federation. Upon graduation, he moved to Orange County, CA and for the next eight years, while working in fine dining restaurants and resort hotels, he learned from skilled chefs who taught him the art of contemporary Californian cuisine. Feeling the need to find his own identity in cooking and a more desirable environment to flourish in, Jon made his way north and found Napa Valley to be the ideal place for him to live and work.

Tomatoes in the Garden
Jon worked in restaurants when he first moved to Napa but eventually started working as a personal chef to the owner of a new winery. During his time at the winery, Jon worked in-depth with the on-site gardens, and eventually, he designed his first culinary garden for the property. Successful in his first endeavor, Jon was asked to design, build, and tend several more gardens throughout the estate and other properties through Napa Valley.
In 2003, from his own backyard started the first residential urban farm in the City of Napa. He constructed raised beds, planted a large fruit orchard, and created a respectable farm culture to work out of–complete with its own well and an elaborate irrigation system. He sold all his produce to local wineries and restaurants chefs throughout Napa Valley until he decided to eventually close the business and return working as a private chef.
Lettuce in the Copia Garden
Currently, having transitioned back into the garden, Jon is now working as the Culinary Gardener for The CIA at Copia in Napa, where he oversees growing a vast array of seasonal organic produce for the dining outlets, special events, and demonstration and hands-on kitchens.