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Culture and Cuisine

Saturday, September 7, 2019
What does it mean to be authentic and who gets to cook what?
The U.S. is a melting pot of global flavors, but how does a chef prove their authority of a particular cuisine? Today, chefs are adopting, embracing, and immersing themselves in cultures that have inspired them to cook delicious foods. Join chefs who rock the international cuisine scene as they discuss their journeys to create some of the most exciting and delicious restaurants in the country.
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Food for Good

Saturday, October 26, 2019
How can we expand access to food and reduce waste?
Having the power to change any aspect of our food system sounds like a lot to take on. But what if even the simplest action could cause a revolution? As our world changes, we are forced to consider possibilities we may not have otherwise in order to break down systemic barriers and create new and lasting solutions. These imaginative pioneers are rewriting the rules within our food system to provide vital pathways for access. Leaders of these changes are creating new ways to serve those in need, provide disaster relief, and fight against food waste.

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Setting the Equity Table

Saturday, December 7, 2019
Where is social change in the food and beverage industry coming from?
How have we come to celebrate the globalization of cuisine without creating equal opportunities for individuals at the same time? Leaders of the restaurant world are turning good intentions into concrete action as they use the power of food as a tool for social change and advancing hospitality.

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