Hands-On Cooking & Baking Classes at the Culinary Institute of America

Food Enthusiast Classes

We’re a not-for-profit on a mission to help Feed Your Joy™. To us, this means we’re all about celebrating delicious culinary experiences, creating opportunities for new food discoveries, and helping people fuel their passion, improve their skills, and make great food choices for themselves and for the planet. Our classes and events span virtually every interest and skill level, and all are led by expert, engaging chefs, and instructors. And you’ll be doing it all in a fun, safe environment alongside others who share your passion for food, wine, and culture.

Experience our multi-day culinary Boot Camps or single-day hands-on cooking classes, wine tasting and beverage explorations, chef demonstrations, or holiday classes!

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“My favorite part of the experience, other than actually taking the class, was the atmosphere at CIA at Copia. The way the chefs offered approachable instruction and we all worked on various dishes to be enjoyed as a group was incredible.”

—Mike Gutzler, Farm to Table Boot Camp


Wine Class being taught at the Culinary Institute of America in California.

Private Classes

Need something fun to do with friends? Or a new way to bond with your coworkers? We offer private classes to suit a wide variety of interests and skill levels. We host corporate team building programs and social events for almost any group size.

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